The Bills played a game in Miami against the Dolphins on Sunday. Here’s how it went.

Oh hey there. Glad you’re still with us. The Bills played a game in Miami against the Dolphins on Sunday. Here’s how it went.


Hahaha just kidding. More like this:

First Quarter
13:46 — Ryan Tannehill threw 14-yard pass to Reggie Bush (0-0 tie)

So it’s going to be that kind of game…

9:37 — Nate Kaeding’s 46-yard field goal attempt blocked by Alex Carrington (0-0 tie)

Let’s get nasty.

9:37 — Ryan Fitzpatrick throws 13-yard pass to C.J. Spiller (0-0 tie)


8:33 — Fitzpatrick throws 25-yard pass to Scott Chandler (0-0 tie)


7:12 — Fitzpatrick throws 8-yard pass to Stevie Johnson (0-0 tie)

Johnson fumbles. Dolphins recover.

2:54 — Tannehill throws 17-yard touchdown pass to Bush (7-0 Dolphins)

Let’s get out of here!

2:48 — Spiller gets three straight carries, picks up first down (7-0 Dolphins)

It’s the only gift Chan’s giving you this year. Enjoy it, sucker.

0:37 — Fitzpatrick throws 22-yard pass to “The Coach” Chuck Dickerson (7-0 Dolphins)

So… since when is he a part of the offense?

Second Quarter
12:35 — Bills punter punts. Dolphins punter punts also (7-0 Dolphins)

12:00 — Spiller runs for 62-yard gain (7-0 Dolphins)

This run was amazing. What came next, of course, was not.

11:07 — Fitzpatrick throws incomplete pass on first down (7-0 Dolphins)

11:02 — Tashard Choice runs for 3-yard loss on second down (7-0 Dolphins)

10:25 — R. Fitzpatrick runs for 2-yard gain on third down (7-0 Dolphins)

9:48 — Rian Lindell kicked a 42-yard field goal (7-3 Dolphins)

2:59 — Punt. Punt. Punt. Punt (7-3 Dolphins)

Now is a good time to mention the Bills have a home game against the Jets on Sunday. Good seats still available!

Amputate the whole state.

2:22 — Tannehill throws 30-yard pass to Rishard Matthews (7-3 Dolphins)

2:00 — Tannehill ran for 31 yard gain (7-3 Dolphins)

That’s basically what the Bills defense has looked like all year.

0:42 — Bush runs for 1-yard touchdown (14-3 Dolphins)

That’ll do it, folks. Go shopping or something.



Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em.

Third Quarter

12:45 — Fitzpatrick throws 21-yard pass to former WGR 550 radio personality “The Coach,” Chuck Dickerson. (14-3 Dolphins)

The Coach fumbles. Dolphins recover.

Santa is dead.

12:45 — Lamar Miller rushed for 28-yard gain (14-3 Dolphins)

No idea who that is.

8:32 — Tannehill throws 12-yard touchdown to Bush (21-3 Dolphins)

Please. Take me away from this game.

8:32 — Spiller gets four straight carries for 15 yards (21-3 Dolphins)

Better get these in when we can.

5:35 — Fitzpatrick sacked by Cameron Wake (21-3 Dolphins)

Fitzpatrick fumbles. Dolphins recover.

Oh, Ryan. Look at you.

4:17 — Nate Kaeding kicks 45-yard field goal (24-3 Dolphins)

He made it.

4:05 — Brad Smith runs for 1 yard in Wildcat on 2nd and 20 (24-3 Dolphins)

Uh… let’s check with Chan Gailey, who is the head coach of the Buffalo Bills.

Oh. There’s the playbook. Let’s check that out.

2:47 — Bills go three-and-out. Bills punter punts (24-3 Dolphins)

Merry freaking Christmas.

Fourth Quarter

13:39 — Fitzpatrick throws 6-yard pass to passed to former Bills defensive line coach Chuck “The Coach” Dickerson (24-3 Dolphins)

That’s right, Chuck.

12:19 — Fitzpatrick throws 41-yard pass to T.J. Graham (24-3 Dolphins)

Still two sizes too small.

8:52 — Fitzpatrick throws 2-yard touchdown pass to Brad Smith (24-10 Dolphins)

Worst present ever.

6:35 — Tannehill sacked by Marcel Dareus. Dolphins punt (24-10 Dolphins)

Setting up for the big finish!

5:51 — Fitzpatrick sacked by Olivier Vernon (24-10 Dolphins)

Worse than coal.

2:13 — Fitzpatrick QB sneaks for five yards on fourth and 5 (24-10 Dolphins)

Look at that left tackle, doing… something.

1:14 — Fitzpatrick throws interception right into the hands of Reshad Jones (24-10 Dolphins)

End of Game

You, on Christmas Morning

Roost- squareEnjoy your holidays. We’re going to get through this thing together.

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