Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSSYou don’t know what a manbaby is?  Neither did I.  Maybe you should listen.  


You don’t know what a manbaby is?  Neither did I.  Maybe you should listen.



  1. I’m not sure how I feel about your conclusion in today’s podcast. I’m older than the both of you……by a lot, and I like Batman movies, and Spiderman and The Avengers. I don’t go to Comic Con and I haven’t started building the Batcave in my basement, but for my two hour escapism I like a super hero movie now and again. And, I have never ever been accused of not being serious enough. I like the action genre when I watch movies at all. I like James Bond and Indiana Jones and Star Wars. I like big special effects, and I like sitting next to my son and talking intelligently about production values and good script points and bad script points. My hobby was theater and I enjoyed it so much I got a degree in it and for the last 25 years I put on plays and teach kids how to do that. How Is that any different than Brad liking sports and talking about sports for a living? Are sports a serious living? And, if so…….why? What we do for our entertainment is kind of up to us, isn’t it? And I know more than a few people who like Batman and work to make the community a better place through volunteerism or mentoring or other community activities. I feel like you might be painting with a pretty broad brush.

    • You have a hobby, but it doesn’t define you. Which is the whole point. You don’t spend hours on end playing video games, painting figurines, obsessively poring over fantasy team scoring reports and other childish hobbies. You have a balance.

      Letting what should be small hobbies subsume your entire personality is where things get squirrely. You’re a smart guy, involved in bettering your community, and taking an interest in matters of import. You’re not the guy I’m talking about.

  2. Alternate titles for today’s podcast:

    One Thing: Curmudgeons

    One Thing: Men Who Hate (Comic Book) Movies

    One Thing: Why it’s Immature and Unproductive to Check Your Phone While Standing in Line at the Bank

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