Of course we tell you who deserves your vote.



Voting is underway for the Artvoice 2013 Best of Buffalo awards.

Chris Smith and I discuss who has earned our votes and why.



  1. the artvoice awards are a joke. they used to be credible until its been discovered that “friends” of the publication and advertisers are the ones who always seem to “win” most of the awards. therefore not making it “voted on by all of buffalo” like they want you to believe.case in point: this 40 minute advertisement” where an actual artvoice editor is actually endorsing himself for “best twitter feed” or “best blog” or whatever. how is that guy even able to win? but i’ll bet he does. or brad does. or alan does. what a joke of an “award”

  2. A few things.
    1.) I’m not an editor at Artvoice, just a paid writer. I do not appear on the masthead of the newspaper nor the website.
    2.) I have absolutely nothing to do with tallying the votes, nor does anyone outside of senior editors.
    3.) I’m allowed to vote in the awards just like everyone else and I can certainly recommend people whose content and/or products and services I find to be of high quality. I’m paid to have opinions, you’re free to ignore them or use them as you see fit. I don’t speak on behalf of Artvoice nor do I claim to do so, that is usually made clear, but perhaps I’ll make it clear now. When Jerry Sullivan appears on WGR, he does not represent the entire Buffalo News company nor the editorial staff, he has his own opinions.

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