More stupid searches.

This is part 3 of an ongoing series. View previous installments here: PART 1 PART 2


Trending Buffalo has been up and running for a little more than a year and new people stumble across the site every single day.

We understand how some of them find us… others, not so much.

We’ve compiled an alphabetical list of all “search terms” that have landed people at TB since we launched and we’re sharing some of our favorites. For each of the phrases listed below, a person asked Google “Hey, where can I learn about ____________?” and Google said “Talk to the guys at Trending Buffalo.”

This installment contains 22 searches beginning with the letter C…

  1. can i have sex with buffalo
  2. can the buffalo sabres be eliminated from the playoffs tonight
  3. can u get a replacement atm card made while u wait at first niagara
  4. can you find love on craigslist
  5. can you live inside a food truck
  6. cant believe sean sends dez home
  7. can’t stand rodney harrison
  8. car that landed on metro rail station buffalo ny
  9. cars hitting people
  10. chara a satan argument
  11. cheater exposed on social media
  12. chopping upskirt
  13. chris brown knowledgeable
  14. chris collins friendship with lindy ruff
  15. cicadas in buffalo
  16. cliche machine
  17. completely naked women having sex
  18. corey louchiey
  19. corinthian leather lane
  20. corporate address for john koelmel president first niagara bank
  21. crack cocaine 2013
  22. craig kanalley mike harrington
  23. craigslist missing connection ever work

… and 34 more beginning with D.

  1. dating a one armed girl
  2. daylight savings time is dumbest thing ever
  3. deceased buffalo sabres
  4. dennys breakfast sign funny
  5. did bachelor sean dump sarah because of her arm?
  6. did hash tag guy get a rose
  7. did lydia dominick go to college
  8. didn’t know they were sluts
  9. do bars in buffalo stay open an extra hour for daylight saving?
  10. do craigslist missed connections ever work
  11. do fans like steve ott
  12. do people in the nhl like lindy ruff
  13. do the kenny carpet commercial
  14. do the x factor auditions online 2013 give you an answer no matter what?
  15. do they have a first niagara bank
  16. do they really have a sex bug
  17. does anyone else think the one armed girl on the bachelor is just wrong?
  18. does darcy regier own sabre stock
  19. dog on trampoline on ct news 2013
  20. dominick likes to drink and bang
  21. dont sleep on the 2012 buffalo bills
  22. don’t wear the jersey of a younger player
  23. doors balls
  24. draft upskirt
  25. drunks taking care of their children
  26. dumb buffalo commercials
  27. dumb buffalo girl twitter
  28. dumbest tree
  29. dumbest trees
  30. dump his ass if he thinks hes better than you
  31. dump people havingsex
  32. dumped so girlfriend can have fun
  33. dumping sex
  34. dumps funny sex

Much more to come. We’re not proud of this.

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