Stupid #2013Trendees

Just another manifestation of our T-Ball everybody gets an award for participating culture.

Trust me, you HateThis.

5. We Definitely Need Another Awards For The Cultural Powerhouse That Is Buffalo

It does say something about these Trendee (Trendie? Trendy? Trudy?) Awards that they are named specifically as something that will not last.

Somewhere in Wisconsin there is a VFW post giving an award to one of its members for showing up to help run the bingo everynight for twenty years. That guy got a gift basket. That Stash, what a guy! More people probably showed up to the ceremony there than showed up to our ceremony for ours.

None of this would be happening if Artvoice’s Best of Buffalo wasn’t such a greasefire.

4. Best Parody Account Award

Stop it. You are only encouraging this.

3. Best Navel Gazing

Everyone wins! The Internet is a concept that has the ability to bring people together regardless of geographic limitations. We have taken this turning point in human culture and made it about us. This is what we do best in Buffalo – we make things about us.

There are TWO winners out of 35 that even remotely talk about stuff that happens outside of the state line, and one of them is the WIVB twitter feed.

I’m saying there is something funny about walling off the internet and making it a closed circut broadcast about ourselves is all.

2. Asking Terry Pegula To Talk

Actually I’d like him to not talk. I’d like no one from the Sabres to talk, because for the last two years it has only served to raise my blood pressure. Either he is going to miss the landing on a Blazing Saddles joke or he is going to start crying or he is going to buy the HSBC Tower (Suggestion: deconstruct it so that you can make twenty tiny HSBC Towers to be placed in every town in Erie County. Now we can all have a failed skyline!)

I need no words from Mr. Pegula. Keep the lights on. Make the clients happy. Win some games. LET YOUR CASH SPEAK FOR YOU HOMEBOY THATS HOW WE GET LOUD.

1. This Getting Nominated For Anything

Most depressing Twitter feed? Stop voting for me and reading my feed, Mom, this is just for me and my friends! God.

Thanks for playing, EVERYONE.

Thanks for playing, EVERYONE.


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