“My opinion is that your opinion doesn’t matter.”


Wow, that really escalated slowly.

April 29, 2013

Groundbreaking “I’m gay” article written by NBA free agent Jason Collins appears on Sports Illustrated’s website.

WGRZ’s Maryalice Demler offers a brief commentary on this event as a part of the Channel 2 feature “2 Cents.”

April 30, 2013

Alan Pergament of The Buffalo News doesn’t like it.

I’ve been on record before saying Demler should stick to reading and reporting the news and stay away from commentaries that don’t say much. I recall one commentary in which she came out against bullying, something that everyone is against. What a tough stand.In the immortal words of the late Howard Cosell, Demler has “the firm grasp of the obvious.”

Channel 7 legend Irv Weinstein used to do commentaries occasionally, but to paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen “Demler’s no Irv Weinstein.”

May 7, 2013

Demler responds with a commentary about the commentary about her commentary.

May 8, 2013

Pergament responds with a commentary about Demler’s commentary about Pergament’s commentary about Demler’s commentary.

Her Monday commentary, “The Evolution of The TV News Anchor,” was an unnecessary, inappropriate, hilarious waste of news time and unintentionally validated my point.

I haven’t laughed out-loud so much about local TV news since watching “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy,” the Will Ferrell movie about TV news set in San Diego that was briefly highlighted in MAD’s commentary and an apparent example of her research.

Demler’s latest commentary was an astonishing display of ego and self-importance, even by the standard of news anchors. I was almost waiting for her to claim that she was a a woman who invented the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower instead of Burgundy.

We can talk through all of this, at a much higher rate of speed, right here on the TB podcast.

Who’s in?


  1. omigosh…I LOVE this. As much as I hate to say it, as I have never been a fan of Alan Pergament, let alone the Buffalo News, but he is 100% spot on in this exchange. Maryalice’s first commentary really did make me literally laugh out loud and I honestly thought it sounded like a presentation my 3rd grader would’ve written (in fairness my 3rd grade daughter IS quite exceptional…. yes, I know, I’m biased).  I really do question Maryalice’s superiors for letting her deliver it, let alone her response to Alan’s thoughts. What an absolute waste of time on both ends… and all involved should be humilated and embarrassed beyond belief for taking part in the exchange.
    To be sure I could experience the exchange in its purest form, I followed the links and watched and read them all in order, without your commentary. In doing so, I couldn’t believe Maryalice’s response to Alan’s first commentary! It was among some of the most self-riteous garbage I’d ever heard…. I was embarrassed for her, honest to God I truly was. I was thinking about her colleagues and peers who’d be listening and imagining what they must be thinking (there is NO WAY it could’ve been good). Also, I will say it was not until I read Alan’s response to Maryalice’s response (LOL) that I realized she had not won an emmy…. she really did present the nominations as if they were wins and the picture that was used reinforced that notion. Also, it seemed that Alan’s first commentary used Maryalice’s first “2 cents” bit as a platform to a bigger topic (it was still insulting, to be sure, as it illustrated her commentary’s lack of any real substance), whereas Maryalice’s response was much more self-centered for lack of a better term.
    For her own sake, I truly hope she (or her handlers) decides to leave this alone and not pursue another response…. but for our own comedic enjoyment, here is to hoping and praying that she does respond! haha…

  2. I am relatively new to the Buffalo area (moved here in 2010) but lived for long stretches of time in Boston, NYC and San Francisco where I was kind of a news junkie, and I have experience writing news every day for my daily university newspaper, where we took accuracy, sources and the line between news and opinion very seriously.
    Maryalice Demler is a likeable newsreader but that’s where it stops for me; I do not find her particularly intelligent or insightful or witty. I do not think Channel 2 should allow her to be both news anchor (reading the facts) and commentator (providing her own opinion) — asking the typical TV viewer to limn the distinction between the two is not a good thing. The inclusion of the giant graphic of two Emmy awards shown before her “commentary” is absolutely self-serving and ludicrous.
    She lost me right at the beginning by saying “Whatever” in response to Pergament. I thoroughly understand she was reaching for the common touch, but “Whatever!” is the response of a 14-year-old, not of an adult wanting to cogently respond to public criticism. And to refer to both Channel 2 placing her in the position of commentator and herself as “groundbreaking”…? Demler is really good at that skill that as a woman, I do not understand — getting women viewers to see her as their friend, so much so that all these friends will just accept whatever comes out of her mouth. People side with Demler and it’s amplified that it’s a big bad MAN writer who is rightly calling her and Channel 2 on their bullshit. A quick browse of the comments around this on WGRZ’s Facebook page will have you reaching for Tums — “You go, Maryalice!”…it’s downright Oprahesque.
    I am reminded of Albert Brooks’ line in my favorite movie, “Broadcast News” — “Let’s never forget, we’re the real story, not them.” In fact, after I stop giggling at all this nonsense, I may go watch that DVD right now.

  3. Love Pergament’s responce with a commentary about Demler’s commentary about Pergament’s commentary about Demler’s commentary! Demler and WGRZ doesn’t get it! There is a guy in the NYC market that gives on-air editorials for WPIX11. Demler is no match for Lionel. Whether you agree with him or not, it’s worth a watch. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-rIm5R7v1Q&feature=share&list=UUa3-BNaCeCvGSfhMuotYskg

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