I posted a list of 9 reasons the NBA is actually better than the NHL. I was not surprised when it was met with a certain degree of resistance.

In an effort to help the WNY sports fan try to fill the void created by the NHL lockout, I posted a list of 9 reasons the NBA is actually better than the NHL. I was not surprised when it was met with a certain degree of resistance.


I asked this guy to compile his list. He got together with a friend and they made it to 29. Some are good. Some aren’t. Some are funny. Some aren’t really points at all. Some seem racist. There’s at least one repeat and 21 are missing entirely. Ultimately, I like my list better. I may go back and analyze each point in a future post but, for now, here it is, UNEDITED (aside from the use of  “****” at one point) and without further comment.


by @tte25 and @bcarroll6


1.       The Stanley Cup

2.       NHL playoffs easily trump NBA playoffs

3.       They play music during games

4.       Pacers vs Pistons brawl which I think is hilarious

5.       There are multiple conspiracy theories that the league has fixed certain drafts and playoff series (Ewing, Bos vs Lakers when every home team won).  And these are not blog posts who alleged this. People like Kornheiser on ESPN and the Boston Globe. 

6.       Tim Donaghy fixing games

7.       “The Decision”

8.       The whole all-star hip hop culture weekend thing.  Just weird.

9.       NBA players openly talk about how stars get the calls and they just need to deal with it.  Not a real team sport.

10.   Did I mention they play music during games.  Needs to be mentioned twice

11.   NBA fans do not compare to NHL fans passion. 

12.   You can come out of high school and be the best player in the league?!?!  Really?

13.   The WNBA.  I throw up at the sight of this league on TV. 

14.   NHL players have never brought their guns to the locker room over a gambling dispute

15.   NHL players have never shot their limo driver

16.   NHL players have never accused a player of being “too white” or “two black”….jalen rose said that about the grant hill and the duke blue devils a few years ago

17.   Dwyane Wade getting carted off the court in a wheelchair because of his shoulder

18.   NBA players shake hands before games in the playoffs….most noteably, before game 7 of ECF celtics/ heat, and game 2 of Finals

19.   Latrell Spreewell once beat the piss out of his coach.

20.   Charles Barkley once kicked a photographer in the dick for NO REASON

21.   The Top 6 teams in the league are determined pretty much before the season starts….LA, OKC, CHI, BOS, San Antonio, Miami

22.   Last night Chaerles Barkley asked his fellow commentator if his new born girl was “Ugly”…At which, there was 2 minutes of the 3 guys going OH NO OH OH OH.  Basic Jiving

23.   Stephen A. Smith in reference to Kobe possibly not playing in the opening game, said “N**** Please”

24.   Kobe is a rapist

25.   Basketball players fight like girls…jumping back and throwing their fists uncontrollable.

26.   Shaquille O’Neil didn’t have an ounce of skill (see his foul shooting), and is going to be a first ballot hall of famer.

27.   Adidas’ marketing ploy for the season was #TheReturn. Signifing Derrick Rose returning from an injury that cost him about of month of the season.

28.   Oklahoma City….Memphis….enough said.

29.   Most dunks are the same every night every game


  1. How could he forget the last two minutes of the game? NHL: two minutes NBA: two hours

    Along those lines: timeouts NHL:1 each team NBA: 100 each team

    Three words: Pulling the goalie

    In NHL, what happens in the first period actually impacts the outcome of the game.

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