One game in, fans are smitten with Steve Ott.

ott 310x310One game in, fans are smitten.

Remember when we told you you’d like Steve Ott?

When a strongly-disliked-by-the-general-populace hockey player (we’ll call him Derek Roy) gets traded for a player that seems to possess the exact qualities missing from the former, the fan base welcomes the latter with open arms. When those qualities manifest themselves immediately, we gush.

Talking the talk is a nice complement to walking the walk.

1st? 3rd? Whatever. Same spotlight.

We like balls.

We’re a pretty easy puzzle to solve.

No, but being a Stars fan makes you a bad person.

Even Bucky Gleason is on board.

Ott is a fresh face and welcomed voice in the dressing room, a new toy that worked as advertised. His willingness to punish opponents at full speed with Kaleta-like indifference toward his own body will endear him to long-suffering fans. He adds bite to a team that had been pushed around far too often. If anything, he’s the antithesis of Roy.

In conclusion…

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