No one predicted the Bills were going to the Superbowl. No one predicted the early train wreck that the Bills and their fan base have already endured. But, everyone knew…

No one predicted the Bills were going to the Superbowl. No one predicted the early train wreck that the Bills and their fan base have already endured.

But, everyone knew that the tailgating would be world class. High-five, Buffalo!

Also, how about that leg on Rian Lindell? Money.

Let’s keep having a good time.


Smart Thing 1: Local Vet Receives Overdue Medals

Well this is a no-brainer.

67 years ago, West Seneca native Jim Steinmetz (now 84) served in WWII. Recently, he received his American Campaign Medal, the WWII Victory Medal, the Honorable Service Button, and lapel pin.

Why the heck did it take so long for these medals to reach him? As vets of many wars will tell you, the medals don’t matter.  “You do your job. You’re not doing it for medals. You’re not doing it for prestige. You’re doing it because it’s the right thing to do. That’s the kind of person he is,” said his grandson, Kevin, who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Still, as a nation, the much simpler task of finding these vets and pinning overdue medals on their chests seems like the least we can do. Well, better late than never.

Thank you for your service, Jim.


Smart Thing 2: #SabreSim2012 is so Smart, WGRZ has one too!

Hey, I like WGRZ.


I admire the work of Maryalice Demler. Kevin O’Neill makes me laugh in the morning (which is next to impossible that time of the day), and spreads the good word about the youth of WNY working hard in his “Great Kids” series. Matt Granite is the reason I can afford Christmas presents this year.

But simming the Sabres season? We were there first. I think. Plus, we have gained the attention of all this great, local media coverage.

But I’m not here to argue over pixilated hockey bragging rights. This is about keeping thousands of WNY sports fans somehow entertained as the lockout drags on, and as the Bills continue to drag us through the mud.

Can the City of Buffalo truly support two sim hockey teams? Heck, just the fact I can ask that question proves that we do live in “Hockey Heaven.”

Now, as for those Similler for Kane rumors


Smart Thing 3: Local Boy Scout from West Seneca Changes NYS Bullying Law

Looks like we’re right back to Kevin O’Neill’s “Great Kids” series for Smart Thing 3:

“An 11 year member of Troop 616 in West Seneca has given us all reason to stand up and cheer; because he stood up for kids being bullied, and has received a National Medal of Merit from the Boy Scouts of America. Christopher LaRussa was a victim of bullying 3 years ago. Now to help other kids, he stood up to bullying. He didn’t do it in the schoolyard, he did it in the state legislature.”

This issue has been in the national spotlight since the tragic suicide of Jamey Rodemeyer. Bullying has since been addressed by celebrities, the New York Civil Liberties Union, and others.

Meanwhile, existing laws were “vague and outdated,” so LaRussa got them changed. One of the main focuses here on Smart Things is on efforts that help to build up our community and make it stronger now, and for the future. LaRussa efforts will pay off for many young people, for many years to come.

How does the old saying go?

“Out of the mouths of babes comes the greatest wisdom that accomplishes stuff that is worthy of the rarely awarded National Medal of Merit.” Something like that.

Well done, Christopher.




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