Almost done. We promise.

This is part 7 of an ongoing series. View previous installments here: PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 PART 5 PART 6


Trending Buffalo has been up and running for a little more than a year and new people stumble across the site every single day.

We understand how some of them find us… others, not so much.

We’ve compiled an alphabetical list of all “search terms” that have landed people at TB since we launched and we’re sharing some of our favorites.

For each of the phrases listed below, a person asked Google “Hey, where can I learn about ____________?” and Google said “Talk to the guys at Trending Buffalo.”

This installment contains 4 searches beginning with the letter R…

  1. rachel d boob
  2. radio ad sounding like surgery + bank
  3. real people having sex together on youtube
  4. rodney harrison is a jerk

… and 19 beginning with S…

  1. savatage
  2. screw your buddy bracket pool
  3. sean can’t drive a jeep
  4. setting clocks back in the winter is dumb
  5. sex alcohol
  6. sex all of them
  7. sex games for girls having sex with girls
  8. sexwagon
  9. shameful sabres press conference
  10. should a black man care about st patrick’s day?
  11. slut paint
  12. so
  13. south buffalo blogger creek is a slut greg bauch
  14. south buffalo slut
  15. sports are stupid
  16. st. patrick’s day upskirts
  17. stag girls buffalo
  18. steve ott prick
  19. stupid kickers football name

… and 14 more beginning with T.

  1. taking a dump then having sex videos
  2. talking about having sex then doing it videos
  3. television mustaches
  4. thailand throw pillow sex
  5. the loniest place on the internet vcr plus
  6. the terrible secret of santa that may ruin christmas
  7. things about david anderson
  8. tina is a slut buffalo
  9. tom bauerle al qaeda
  10. tom brady plays for which team
  11. topless tits pro boxing
  12. trending buffalo + attention whores
  13. turn city hall into a chicken wing
  14. two slut in roller coaster in a limousine

One more to come. We’re not proud of this.

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