So, when you’re terrible at everything, you wait way too long to post the final standings of your Bachelor Fantasy League. In a thrilling tie-breaker, Matthew Rooney won the 2015…

So, when you’re terrible at everything, you wait way too long to post the final standings of your Bachelor Fantasy League. In a thrilling tie-breaker, Matthew Rooney won the 2015 Championship. No one can ever take that away from him, no matter how much he begs them to do so.

Thank you all for participating. I hope they cancel this show and I never have to do this again.

Rooney                      roon12                          407                              Kaitlyn               Kelsey               Whitney

Cheratoy Cheratoy 407 Kaitlyn Kelsey Whitney
KSchneider @KESchneider124 407 Kaitlyn Kelsey Whitney
red884 407 Kaitlyn Kelsey Whitney
BeeBee22 398 Becca Kaitlyn Whitney
bufflax19 398 Becca Kaitlyn Whitney
bugeater 398 Becca Kaitlyn Whitney
ESSISNOTOK waxmbordz 398 Becca Kaitlyn Whitney
JJLbuf 398 Becca Kaitlyn Whitney
K0261269 398 Becca Kaitlyn Whitney
Kd_alexander Kd_alexander 398 Becca Kaitlyn Whitney
Kdawg @krismclaughlan 398 Becca Kaitlyn Whitney
kitkat2015 398 Becca Kaitlyn Whitney
LexiPat1 398 Becca Kaitlyn Whitney
Macko 398 Becca Kaitlyn Whitney
princefarmin 398 Becca Kaitlyn whitney
RobP8518 398 Becca Kaitlyn Whitney
TeamRoberto 398 Becca Kaitlyn Whitney
Ted Nolan @JamieBuffalo 398 Becca Kaitlyn Whitney
achmurzynski aprilchmurzynsk 397 Ashley I Kelsey Whitney
clynncal clynn281 397 Ashley I Kelsey Whitney
mmat0630 397 Ashley I Kelsey Whitney
Senora Lkhansen1 394 Becca Kelsey Whitney
BachShitCray 372 Jade Kaitlyn Whitney
Devon 372 Jade Kaitlyn Whitney
FarmerEsokay 372 Jade Kaitlyn Whitney
JMance @jmance4 372 Jade Kaitlyn Whitney
KM33 372 Jade Kaitlyn Whitney
muddog17 372 Jade Kaitlyn Whitney
Toothfairy 368 Carly Kelsey Whitney
ahhllie 364 Britt Kaitlyn Whitney
Arburnham sissiebaby 364 Britt Kaitlyn Whitney
jwol22790 jwol22790 364 Britt Kaitlyn Whitney
mpapp07 364 Britt Kaitlyn Whitney
WhatTheFunk 364 Britt Kaitlyn Whitney
AgTraudt4 swagggzz 360 Britt Kelsey Whitney
amyclizabeth amyclizabeth 360 Britt Kelsey Whitney
Demi 12demi10 360 Britt Kelsey Whitney
DJMelyB 360 Britt Kelsey Whitney
Grown_Sexy MOstranderPR 360 Britt Kelsey Whitney
Hotpants 360 Britt Kelsey Whitney
ILuvChris 360 Britt Kelsey Whitney
Jynelle 360 Britt Kelsey Whitney
KatieT21 360 Britt Kelsey Whitney
Littleceed99 360 Britt Kelsey Whitney
RoseGrower @SportyGardener 360 Britt Kelsey Whitney
rosesrred 360 Britt Kelsey Whitney
Sayla 360 Britt Kelsey Whitney
shemakesme mcalderon81 360 Britt Kelsey Whitney
Soulemates 360 Britt Kelsey Whitney
Stiney 360 Britt Kelsey Whitney
tlh1017 360 Britt Kelsey Whitney
wegenworth 360 Britt Kelsey Whitney
LBH19 359 Britt Kelsey Whitney
AshMunroe 359 Becca Jade Whitney
Bonner-ooh! @staciespy 359 Becca Jade Whitney
Hannu 359 Becca Jade Whitney
Jack Pants @jackattfield 359 Becca Jade Whitney
swaterman 359 Becca Jade Whitney
tammyp 359 Becca Jade Whitney
kmarie 358 Ashley I Kaitlyn Kelsey
oygebydgb 358 Ashley I Kaitlyn Kelsey
cornhoes 355 Becca Kaitlyn Kelsey
ErinSuzanne @erinsfrancis 354 Ashley I Britt Whitney
LynnB 354 Ashley I Britt Whitney
Stephanie 354 Ashley I Britt Whitney
urewebb 354 Ashley I Britt Whitney
augustla augustla 351 Becca Britt Whitney
DUI of love 351 Becca Britt Whitney
Gina Jackson @GinaEbsJackson 351 Becca Britt Whitney
KaylaL 351 Becca Britt Whitney
KW1970 351 Becca Britt Whitney
Leslie912 351 Becca Britt Whitney
Lo831 351 Becca Britt Whitney
NoSurprises 351 Becca Britt Whitney
RiteReasons 351 Becca Britt Whitney
mgeb815 mjgebhardt 345 Ashley I Becca Kelsey
Sara S 329 Jade Kaitlyn Kelsey
OkiElle 329 Carly Kaitlyn Kelsey
APow 325 Britt Jade Whitney
Rachel 325 Britt Jade Whitney
wrongreasons @amodden3 325 Britt Jade Whitney
Schmitty12 @schmitty1212 323 Ashley I Jade Kaitlyn
aeswmu 321 Britt Kaitlyn Kelsey
AKN9583 321 Britt Kaitlyn Kelsey
AlexN @Alex_Nesselbeck 321 Britt Kaitlyn Kelsey
CINDS09 321 Britt Kaitlyn Kelsey
DeadH4thewin 321 Britt Kaitlyn Kelsey
Evan7677 321 Britt Kaitlyn Kelsey
I Shall Win 321 Britt Kaitlyn Kelsey
IndianaMisty 321 Britt Kaitlyn Kelsey
janelleks @janelleszwejbka 321 Britt Kaitlyn Kelsey
Kills hills 321 Britt Kaitlyn Kelsey
Melissa N 321 Britt Kaitlyn Kelsey
Rjpring17 blohockeynation 321 Britt Kaitlyn Kelsey
Shoey 321 Britt Kaitlyn Kelsey
Soules-mates CandiceEPretko 321 Britt Kaitlyn Kelsey
TinderRose ChrisRyndak 321 Britt Kaitlyn Kelsey
tsat7 321 Britt Kelsey Kaitlyn
Chris’ Girl suzie@lovefingerlakes 320 Becca Jade Kaitlyn
EmDice @Edeisinger 320 Becca Jade Kaitlyn
TheFunk @ashfunk22 320 Becca Jade Kaitlyn
Tight Seals 320 Becca Jade Kaitlyn
drfish1989 darafisher 319 Ashley I Jade Kelsey
Relay11 @JayRelay 319 Ashley I Jade Kelsey
Rose2uGus 318 Kelsey Megan Whitney
mcmeador 316 Becca Jade Kelsey
abc123 315 Ashley I Britt Kaitlyn
ADeaks 315 Ashley I Britt Kaitlyn
HeatherD 315 Ashley I Britt Kaitlyn
Kellyb 315 Ashley I Britt Kaitlyn
RealRoseBowl LucaShinook 313 Becca Britt Kaitlyn
@ThaGBone @ThaGBone 311 Ashley I Britt Kelsey
Dead Dad DVD 311 Ashley I Britt Kelsey
ecomf 311 Ashley I Britt Kelsey
Ghost Dad 311 Ashley I Britt Kelsey
Jill1120 311 Ashley I Britt Kelsey
KimmyV 311 Ashley I Britt Kelsey
MIA_2BU 311 Ashley I Britt Kelsey
Mmat1015 311 Ashley I Britt Kelsey
Mrs. Sherry 311 Ashley I Britt Kelsey
AceSal10 @anthonysalerno 310 Ashley I Becca Jade
BachelorNot @Dadoutdoors 308 Kaitlyn Samantha Whitney
Amalicki87 308 Becca Britt Kelsey
kscaringi kscar56 308 Becca Britt Kelsey
Lmenza 308 Becca Britt Kelsey
Lorrell 308 Becca Britt Kelsey
MJVPTF @mjvaeth 308 Becca Britt Kelsey
Rebekahtate 308 Becca Britt Kelsey
Team Trill @brettcampbell33 308 Becca Britt Kelsey
CrisHarrison 304 Kelsey Samantha Whitney
CRNHLE4AROSE 304 Kelsey Samantha Whitney
LittleMac macnabbers 302 Ashley I Becca Britt
llevy 302 Ashley I Becca Britt
N2WB nothing2wearbuf 302 Ashley I Becca Britt
elizteach 299 Ashley S Kaitlyn Whitney
TentSex 294 Kelsey Tracy Whitney
BachelorMayo @nachmu 291 Jade Mackenzie Whitney
brownbear8 290 Kelsey Tara Whitney
JTray 290 Kelsey Tara Whitney
verrechat 290 Becca Nikki Whitney
marmar 286 Britt Jade Kaitlyn
HeartNSoules 286 Britt Carly Kaitlyn
TheCrayCray1 @shaunfolster 285 Becca Tracy Whitney
JMarcellus NanaMarcellus 284 Alissa Kelsey Whitney
Crazy Train 283 Ashley I Tara Whitney
Akras19 282 Britt Jade Kelsey
Baadkins @bradleykins 282 Britt Jade Kelsey
CaraMia 282 Britt Jade Kelsey
Claire’s Dad @robammerman 282 Britt Jade Kelsey
Iowais4Luvrs 282 Britt Jade Kelsey
Kelly kid 282 Britt Jade Kelsey
Kimberly81 282 Britt Jade Kelsey
MarlaRyan 282 Britt Jade Kelsey
minnarain 282 Britt Jade Kelsey
Mlzgoda @mlzgoda 282 Britt Jade Kelsey
Ocean coitus 282 Britt Jade Kelsey
Slobhiscob 282 Britt Jade Kelsey
soulesmates 282 Britt Jade Kelsey
Stuffed Beav 282 Britt Jade Kelsey
Viwanski Viwanski 282 Britt Jade Kelsey
belinda belindalanders 282 Britt Carly Kelsey
HATETHISSHOW @GramelaAnderson 282 Britt Carly Kelsey
She’sAshNow 282 Britt Carly Kelsey
WingsofLove 281 Becca Carly Jade
Plowthisbush 276 Ashley I Britt Jade
Rose4McDavid timmarren 276 Ashley I Britt Jade
Sowin’ Oats 276 Ashley I Britt Jade
Sutterar23 276 Ashley I Britt Jade
beccarules realmrjoshua 275 Becca Tandra Whitney
hgeorge585 275 Becca Tandra Whitney
chelseahours 273 Becca Britt Jade
nra102 273 Becca Britt Jade
paigeforce 273 Becca Britt Jade
Goose 265 Kaitlyn Kelsey Samantha
djbrouwer49 261 Amber Britt Whitney
Yankees13 259 Jade Tracy Whitney
#TeamKelci 256 Ashley S Kaitlyn Kelsey
Natestu @Natestu 256 Ashley S Kaitlyn Kelsey
ShaunaVanV 256 Ashley S Kaitlyn Kelsey
ReganP 255 Jade Tara Whitney
mikechino2 254 Ashley I Kaitlyn Nikki
vemitchell77 @under_mistletoe 252 Ashley S Britt Whitney
Wittychic 252 Becca Kelsey Samantha
cgreenberg22 @cgreenberg22 251 Kaitlyn Kelsey Tara
GBakes 251 Britt Tracy Whitney
STD. kvs_pr 251 Britt Tracy Whitney
Mollyjandro 250 Kaitlyn Kelsey Trina
2nug 249 Britt Jillian Kaitlyn
easzwejb @lizszwejbka 247 Britt Tara Whitney
caitlyns49 @caitlyns49 246 Britt Trina Whitney
vem23669 @under_mistletoe 246 Britt Trina Whitney
Ottosarmy 246 Britt Tara Whitney
Munchhow? @imrarelylate 246 Becca Kaitlyn Tracy
jiggles @callmejiggles 245 Britt Jillian Kelsey
cephid2 @CVictory82 241 Britt Nicole Whitney
ararebit 240 Britt Kelsey Mackenzie
G-money 240 Britt Kelsey Mackenzie
Lfhutch 240 Britt Kelsey Mackenzie
SarBear 240 Britt Kelsey Mackenzie
bufcal77 bufcal77 239 Ashley I Brittany Kaitlyn
bitchfork 236 Becca Brittany Kaitlyn
BeckySimpson 235 Alissa Ashley I Kelsey
FrozenTandra @WadesSpades 235 Ashley I Kelsey Tandra
Not-the-Juan 234 Ashley I Jade Megan
DeadHooker 234 Ashley I Carly Megan
HarleyAlhart @HARLEYALHART 232 Britt Kelsey Megan
Searsie68 231 Ashley I Britt Mackenzie
The-Juan 226 Ashley I Britt Megan
karamcca @kar0ling 226 Carly Jordan Kelsey
aimz7011 @AmyVentura1 226 Ashley I Becca Tandra
IH8ThisGame @harrisonrising 218 Jillian Tara Whitney
sarah_marino @sarahmarinoo 218 Becca Jade Jordan
Car RamRod 216 Jade Kelsey Tracy
Peggiryan 216 Jade Kelsey Tracy
SoldMySoules 213 Britt Kelsey Nikki
Team Bonner @atlscgrad 213 Britt Kelsey Nikki
TheBauchelor 213 Ashley S Britt Kaitlyn
SarahMurf 212 Carly Kelsey Tara
Bigh 212 Britt Kaitlyn Tracy
Pervio 211 Ashley I Ashley S Jade
AlanRose @Rosenhoch716 211 Carly Kelsey Trina
Freeze22 @freeze22 210 Britt Jade Jillian
Happy Hour 210 Britt Jade Jillian
theglasscat 210 Alissa Jade Kaitlyn
ChuckWagon @c_cannan10 210 Jade Kaitlyn Tandra
als8193 209 Ashley S Britt Kelsey
CourtneyRose 209 Ashley S Britt Kelsey
GrownSexy 209 Ashley S Britt Kelsey
SparkleThief sarahjess7 209 Ashley S Britt Kelsey
FarmHands @CristaGeary 209 Becca Britt Samantha
Vdubbs6279 208 Britt Kelsey Tracy
AAcalled 208 Britt Kaitlyn Tara
SaMurf 208 Britt Kaitlyn Tara
Wioboogie 207 Britt Kaitlyn Trina
FarmersRule 207 Britt Kaitlyn Tara
GuardProtect 207 Britt Kaitlyn Tara
kelsayryan 207 Britt Kaitlyn Tara
Pumachick5 207 Britt Kaitlyn Tara
DairyQueen 207 Becca Carly Tracy
PlowMyField 206 Alissa Jade Kelsey
laurdet 205 Ashley I Jillian Mackenzie
ababeep @ababeep 204 Britt Kelsey Tara
aef1018 annaef 203 Britt Kelsey Trina
Crazycatlady 203 Britt Kelsey Trina
Farmer Carol 203 Britt Kelsey Trina
marshalls06 203 Britt Kelsey Trina
marshalls06 203 Britt Kelsey Trina
Cleggio 202 Ashley I Britt Tracy
Napster12 202 Ashley I Britt Tracy
Sloppy 2nds 202 Ashley I Britt Tracy
MySparkle @TimDickey79 200 Juelia Tara Whitney
Talcantara 199 Becca Britt Tracy
JaneDice sedeisinger 198 Ashley I Britt Tara
Turnip4what nowmeaghansays 198 Ashley I Britt Tara
Cody Code! iamshaunmurphy 198 Alissa Britt Kelsey
MommaChicken 198 Alissa Britt Kelsey
Morganod 198 Alissa Britt Kelsey
8040FreeHugs planetdobbs 198 Britt Kelsey Tandra
Bird=>Word NeedMoreHockey 198 Britt Kelsey Tandra
joysnyds joysnyds 198 Britt Kelsey Tandra
kimmediately Kimmediately 198 Britt Kelsey Tandra
MarissaG 198 Britt Kelsey Tandra
seschroedl sssstephanieee 198 Britt Kelsey Tandra
Slampigs LorenReneeC 197 Britt Jade Megan
RealBonner 192 Alissa Ashley I Britt
Mmat0630 190 Samantha Trina Whitney
Famerhoes 189 Becca Britt Tandra
Pomegranions crzdchimaera 189 Becca Britt Tandra
schwegjj @iidoj 189 Becca Britt Tandra
mueller141 181 Ashley S Trina Whitney
30Hoes1Rose RichGaluszka 180 Ashley S Jillian Kelsey
Zaboomafoo @formedecoeur 180 Tracy Trina Whitney
koalabear4 @danni_b14 179 Britt Jade Kaitlyn
rytracy21 rtizzy21 179 Jillian Kelsey Tracy
T1manit0 @tsmaniscalco 176 Kelsey Megan Samantha
DrunkChrisH @KoozieMan 174 Ashley S Britt Jade
steven4441 stevetarnish 174 Ashley S Britt Jade
emmywoodss emmywoodss 173 Ashley I Jillian Tracy
Rodvall 173 Ashley I Jillian Tracy
Mpetroski 173 Britt Jade Tara
Gregg bauch @buffaloves 173 Britt Jade Tracy
Red Rose? 173 Britt Jade Tracy
StabbyChris 173 Britt Jade Tracy
L1z065 @l1z065 171 Becca Britt Kaitlyn
Cockrailers 169 Jillian Kelsey Tandra
Jenhen 169 Britt Jade Tara
HustlerDoug @AlexFromBuffalo 168 Carly Jillian Megan
tneyanne @queentneyanne 168 Britt Jade Trina
christin08 163 Britt Jade Tandra
jep2003 Justwin24 163 Britt Jade Tandra
tameri 163 Britt Jade Tandra
LizzyLou 163 Britt Carly Tandra
BachlrBalla @therealzachhowe 160 Ashley I Megan Tracy
Enthusiast @kaylynncrumb 157 Kelsey Nikki Samantha
Salad Days @Lzgoda 154 Amber Becca Jordan
MikeBauch @mike_bauch 153 Ashley I Megan Trina
samtorn1 153 Jordan Kelsey Tracy
WrongReasons @SockRetees 151 Ashley I Nikki Samantha
Krenster10 147 Kelsey Nikki Tracy
John’s Mom TheRealJohnsMom 147 Ashley S Kaitlyn Tara
Awergler 143 Ashley S Kaitlyn Tara
Kjballz 143 Ashley S Kaitlyn Tara
RugbyRandall 142 Kelsey Tara Tracy
Beverly 142 Brittany Kelsey Samantha
BooUWhore 142 Kaitlyn Tara Tracy
JLHWontWin 142 Ashley S Kaitlyn Tara
RosePlease 141 Ashley I Nikki Tracy
smeissner meiss5 141 Britt Jillian Nikki
Geneocide @genecarella 141 Amanda Kaitlyn Kimberly
Nick @invisibleinthis 141 Alissa Kaitlyn Nikki
JeansNBoots @MikeFretthold 139 Becca Samantha Tara
TracyTT’s 137 Ashley I Ashley S Tracy
MintTBird Mintgreenbird 133 Kelsey Tara Trina
Salad Days @Lzgoda 133 Becca Jordan Kara
KMG4 132 Kelsey Tandra Tracy
KPat 132 Britt Jillian Tara
AndrewUtech @thegoldenboyau 131 Carly Megan Tracy
SH_ILTMFOTB 130 Britt Jade Kelsey
CindyLu LouieDex 128 Kelsey Tandra Tara
#Bauchelor @MVPSteve 128 Amanda Becca Kimberly
Mlszwejbka 127 Britt Mackenzie Tara
PlowMyField 126 Britt Jillian Tandra
SarahAtlanta SarahAtlanta 126 Britt Mackenzie Tara
CDog&JWow 123 Britt Megan Tracy
smarti123 117 Jade Jordan Tracy
DrunkenCrier @biggymurf1 115 Britt Juelia Tara
CC&C 113 Britt Megan Tandra
sammysam 110 Britt Jordan Tracy
Kruuueg24 kruuueg24 104 Britt Nikki Tracy
PapaSmurf 104 Britt Nikki Tracy
Ryan M @RyanMcConnellTM 102 Alissa Jade Nikki
whatamidoing @JeffreyDHuber 102 Carly Tracy Trina
JNDe 98 Alissa Ashley S Carly
samspade @cofadad 97 Jade Tandra Tracy
macky2887 96 Britt Tara Tracy
AplusD @Ashley_VDP 96 Ashley S Britt Tara
Jacqleen0430 jacqleen0430 94 Britt Tracy Trina
LDell44 @LDell44 94 Britt Tara Tracy
Dumpsville @Jeridw 92 Brittany Jillian Mackenzie
MagooTang @MagooTang 92 Jade Tandra Trina
Denotnice dinirmxo 89 Alissa Britt Tracy
Chawit68 Chawit68 87 Alissa Brittany Jade
scott_7910 82 Juelia Megan Nikki
natedog141 79 Amanda Britt Brittany
3rd Man In @3rdManIn 75 Jillian Nikki Tracy
dotto 60 Jillian Tandra Tracy
VapidGarbage @Effie_the_Worm 52 Brittany Megan Nikki
ViennasLeftI 52 Megan Nikki Tandra
JuanPab4Life 48 Alissa Juelia Nikki
Voodoofox @thejanitorslife 47 Alissa Megan Tracy
notabachelor dfdtrumpet 39 Ashley S Kimberly Tracy
Captain Derp 30 Ashley S Tara Tracy
dimaismadduh dimaismadduh 28 Nikki Tandra Tracy
S. Hammer 2ba_cod3r 25 Brittany Tara Tracy
MD Hammer 24 Brittany Nikki Tara
Ryan @RyanMcConnellTM 18 Alissa Brittany Nikki
BigFalboski bdfalbo 18 Amanda Brittany Nikki
PMGuadagna @pmguadagna 18 Bo Brittany Nikki
Topes topes0521 13 Amanda Brittany Tracy


  1. Woohoo! A tip o’ the cap to fellow leader kmarie. They’re teasing that Kelsey may be out next week, but I’m hoping she can pull in a few more points. I think she has a shot at The One Everyone Hates with just a little more time. Too bad we didn’t get an Oh My God Do You Think She Killed Her First Husband category.

  2. So what’s going on? Are Cheratoy, KSchneider, red884, and Rooney rewatching the season to count “connection”s? Waiting for Reality Steve to post a spoiler for THAT too? 

    To be fair, my wife picked Whitney too – I guess early preview montages showed her saying “I love him so much” and she bought it. I tease out of bitterness, not malice. And I suppose the final standings are waiting for the winners & Greg to give this a fraction of the interest I have. 

    -Once You Go Eye-Black, You Don’t Go Back,
    The Arizona Cardinals of The Bachelor Fantasy League

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