To honor the people and organizations in Buffalo that “get” social media.

Welcome to the #2013Trendees award ceremony!

Here at Trending Buffalo, we spend an unhealthy amount of time judging others’ use of social media. We figured it was time to let the rest of Buffalo in on the fun to help us to honor the people and organizations that are doing it right.

We collected more than 4,000 votes in 34 categories over a 4-day period.

In case you missed it, here are links to PART ONE and PART TWO  and PART THREE of #2013Trendees award winners.

Moving along…  It’s time for Twitter awards!

Most Interesting

Alexandra describes herself in her twitter profile as a “social anthropologist. traveler. buffalonian. culinary adventurer. winner of best dressed farmer award. overall badass.”  Add all that up and throw in a healthy dose of sass and you have yourself the most interesting person to follow in The Buffalo Twitter.  Other top vote-getters included @KevinPurdy@ChrisSmithAV and @TheNickGuy.


James Kurdziel is kind of a jerk. We like that. @kevinbuffalo won a similar award from Artvoice last month and received a bunch of votes here, too. Fun game—when you read a funny tweet from Kevin O’Neill, cut and paste it into a Google search to find out who said it first. It’s not every tweet… but it’s a lot of tweets. You, sir, are disqualified.


Close vote here between @scottyMCSS, @salsports, @keithmcsheaBN and @kwsnow so– you know what? You guys all win. Who are we to say that Sal Capaccio is more likeable than Kevin Snow or that Keith McShea comes across as friendlier than Scott Michalak? In a world where everyone hates everyone, a bunch of people actually like these four dudes. So do we. Congratulations, weirdos.


@RussBrandon, @schopptalk, @joebuffalowins, and @TBNSully each received a high number of votes, although we think some of this hatred is misguided. (For example, Sully’s actually pretty cheery on Twitter.) But the winner here is our good friend @ChrisSmithAV. Chris, who wishes he had a leather shirt, is probably smarter and more well-read than you are AND he likes to argue. That’s not a good way to charm people. Chris also received at least one vote for “most likable.” He claims it wasn’t him. We don’t believe him. Honestly, we’re starting to hate him, too.


It’s @news4buffalo in a landslide… which left 7 dead and 26 wounded! We’ve talked about this before—keep it local and we’ve got no beef. If the local news is depressing, that’s not your fault but please, stop outsourcing.

That’s not Buffalo. That’s Olean.


Channel 4 has toned it down lately, but the voters already had their minds made up. Other top vote-getters included @thedefenseman (Why, because he writes something called “5 Dumbest Things In Buffalo” every week?) and @J_Potter.


We consider it a huge upset that this category wasn’t won by @MartyBiron43 in a blow-out.  But when we started tallying the votes, we noticed that nearly every vote-getter had something about “St. Bonaventure” in their twitter profile.  So, we figured it best to just give the award to all of you.  Maybe there’s some type of secret Bona grad contest be the first to reach 100,000 tweets or something?


Sort of, and you win. Matthew Coller has spent time building his niche as WGR’s “advanced stats guy” and you noticed. Numbers inform his opinions which, in turn, inform his listeners and followers. Other top vote-getters included @kevinpurdy, @buffalopundit, @byTimGraham, @ckanal.


We didn’t see this one coming. Of all the annoying topics on Twitter, you chose running. It turns out that for every one of you who documents your physical fitness online, there are a whole bunch more flipping you off in their minds. They don’t care about your 5K, your half marathon, your marathon, your runner’s high, your shoes, your age category, your personal best, your intervals, your pyramid, your track, or your sweat-wicking tights. Is that Blade Runner guy still your hero? The importance of faceoffs, the merits of booing the home team, and media versus bloggers were the other top vote-getters.

#2013Trendee Winners

Best use of social media by a local restaurant/food business – Lake Effect Artisan Ice Cream
Best use of social media by a local retail business – Community Beer Works 
Best use of social media by a local entertainment business / venue – Transit Drive-in
Best use of social media by a local corporation – Wegmans
Best use of social media by a local org/non-profit/cause – Ride For Roswell
Best use of social media by a local sports team/organization – FC Buffalo
Best use of social media by a local media outlet –
Best use of social media by a local political figure – Mark Poloncarz
Best use of social media by a local artist/comedian/musician – Dan Fisher
Best local Tumblr – BuffaloNewsComments
Best local Pinterest user – Artisan Kitchens and Baths
Best local Youtube channel – StaffAnnouncer
Best local Intsagram feed – Kevin Rybczynski
Best local sports blog – DearGodWhyUs
Best local personal blog – InDaBuff
Best local general interest blog – BuffaloEats
Buffalo Twitter: Most Interesting – @Trampabroad
Buffalo Twitter: Most Humorous – @JamesRadio
Buffalo Twitter: Most Likable – @scottyMCSS, @salsports, @keithmcsheaBN, @kwsnow 
Buffalo Twitter: Most Hateable – @ChrisSmithAV
Buffalo Twitter: Most Depressing – @news4buffalo
Buffalo Twitter: Most Informative – @MatthewWGR
Buffalo Twitter: Most Chatty – St. Bonaventure Alumni
Buffalo Twitter: Most Annoying Topic – Running 

#2013Trendees still to be awarded

Buffalo Twitter – Best Celebrity
Buffalo Twitter – Best Blogger
Buffalo Twitter – Best Media Member
Buffalo Twitter – Best Parody
Buffalo Twitter – Best Troll
Buffalo Twitter – Best Creeper
Buffalo Twitter – Best Profile Pic
Buffalo Twitter – Best Hashtag
Buffalo Twitter – Best Feud
Person you’d most like to see start tweeting
Person you’d most like to see stop tweeting


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